Release Notes

This page lists new features, improvements and fixes in the program.

Flacon 11.3.0

  • Fix. Program incorrect work with pre-emphased disks
  • Fix. Sometimes the program did not save the output directory
  • Improved audio file search for multiaudio discs.
  • For multi-audio discs, a check has been added that the same audio files are not specified for tracks.
  • Improved delete source dialogue
  • Minor fixes and improvements
  • Translations updated

Flacon 11.2.0

  • The “convert” button on the toolbar can trigger two actions:
    • Convert - Converts all tracks (previous behavior)
    • Convert selected - Converts only selected tracks
  • Fixed a bug in the AppImage version that caused built-in codecs not to be used
  • Enabled translations for AppImage version of the program

Flacon 11.1.0

  • Fix: In some situations, the program did not check whether the sox program was installed.
  • Catalina is the minimum supported version of macOS

Flacon 11.0.0

  • If you try to close the program while the conversion is in progress, the program will ask for confirmation
  • Added a menu item to delete the source files for successfully converted disks
  • Small fixes to the algorithm for creating per track CUE files
  • Improved diagnostics of erroneous situations:
    1. Error if tracks overwrite files (taking into account the template)
    2. Error if there are tracks with the same track number and creating files in the same directory. The pattern doesn’t matter
    3. Warning if any disks use the same CUE file
    4. Warning if any disks use the same audio file
  • Fix: The program show an error when the source files are located on slow network drives
  • Fix: The program show an error on WV files larger than 2 gigabytes
  • Minor fixes
  • Translations updated

Flacon 10.0.0

  • Now the program does not use external utilities to calculate ReplayGain, instead the built-in method is used. This accelerated the conversion process and reduced the number of dependencies.
    For package maintainers: Note that metaflac, mp3gain, vorbisgain and wvgain are no longer needed.
  • Improved error handling. Before starting the conversion, you can view all errors and warnings in one window.
  • Fixed bug: When changing the “Artist” field, the “Album Artist” field mistakenly becomes “Multiple Values”
  • Fixed bug: In macOS, the size of the main window was not saved.
  • Translations updated