Flacon is a open source audio file encoder.

You can split a single large audio file containing the entire album into the separate audio tracks.

Main window

What is Flacon?

Flacon extracts individual tracks from one big audio file containing the entire album of music and saves them as separate audio files.

To do this, it uses information from the appropriate CUE file. Besides, Flacon makes it possible to conveniently revise or specify tags both for all tracks at once or for each tag separately.

Conversion process


  • Supported input formats: WAV, FLAC, APE, WavPack, True Audio (TTA)
  • Supported out formats: FLAC, WAV, WavPack, AAC, OGG or MP3
  • Replay Gain analysis: ALBUM-gain and TRACK-gain modes
  • Multi-threaded conversion process
  • Automatic character set detection for CUE files
  • Generation of the pertrack CUE file in the output dir
Preferences dialog

What's New in Flacon 10.0.0

20 Jan 2023
  • Now the program does not use external utilities to calculate ReplayGain, instead the built-in method is used. This accelerated the conversion process and reduced the number of dependencies.
    For package maintainers: Note that metaflac, mp3gain, vorbisgain and wvgain are no longer needed.
  • Improved error handling. Before starting the conversion, you can view all errors and warnings in one window.
  • Fixed bug: When changing the “Artist” field, the “Album Artist” field mistakenly becomes “Multiple Values”
  • Fixed bug: In macOS, the size of the main window was not saved.
  • Translations updated