Release Notes

This page lists new features, improvements and fixes in the program.

Flacon 9.0.0

  • Added support for ALAC output files
  • Added the ability to embed the cover in the output ALAC, AAC, MP3, Opus and WavPack files. For FLAC files, this was available before.
  • Fixed processing of Asian languages when encoding FLAC files.
  • Minor improvements to the appearance and behavior of the program.
  • Translations updated.

Flacon 8.3.0

  • Fix: If the CUE file contains two discs, then the program incorrectly calculated the duration of the tracks.
  • The program automatically calculates the number of threads to encode. You can change this in the preferences dialog.

Flacon 8.2.0

  • The program can split huge FLAC files (more than 4GB)
  • Added support for Sony Wave64 input files.
  • Fix: The program incorrectly processed the relative paths to the output directory for embedded CUE.
  • Translations updated.

Flacon 8.1.0

  • Added support for pre-emphasis CD images.
  • Added support for embedded CUE for input and output FLAC files. If your FLAC file contains a CUE in the metadata, then the program can use it.
  • You can not only copy the cover image to a file, but also embed it in the output FLAC files.
  • Improved the preferences dialog. The settings are divided into separate tabs.
  • Now you can manually input the Disc ID in case the CUE file does not contain one.
  • Use by default as CDDB server.
  • Fixed: When converting audio, the image is not copied to the destination folder.
  • A number of minor improvements and bug fixes.
  • Translations updated.

Flacon 7.0.1

  • Added informative error messages when the program can’t load an audio file:
    • The audio file does not exist.
    • The audio file may be corrupted or an unsupported audio format.
    • Decoder program is not installed.
    • Decoder program is installed in the settings but binary file does not exist.
  • Improved warning messages:
    • Do not show a warning if the output format does not support the quality of the input HD audio, but you have set the correct bits per sample and sample rate in the preferences.
  • Redesigned the logic of loading CUE files containing multiple files, for example, 2 sides of an LP. Now they are displayed as a single list, have a single track numbering, and allow you to change album tags in a single operation.
  • Fixed: Flacon refuses to compute ReplayGain for no good reason
  • Improved search for covers arts.
  • Added better icons for dark themes.
  • Added a few codepages for some East Asian languages.
  • Translations updated.